All organic ads!

This organic Spotify promotion through  ads campaignis the best option for real organic exposure of your spotify music.We promote to all genres of music and send proof of ads  promotion that we done for you.

We assure It's Real!

Our services aim to expose artist to our taegeted huge audience through ads and help to establish an initial fan base So this is 100% safe and legit.

How we promote?

Sound on Heat Spotify  promotion is done by running extremely targeted ads on Spotify ads studio. It gets real growth and you can see real results.

Please Note–  We do not use third-party platforms, fake email blasts, or bot-filled playlisting!


What you will get from this service:

– Extremely targeted ads that drive organic listeners to your music!

– Ads targeting 5-7 similar artists (of your choice)

– Country/Location Targeting (Stop getting strange countries, this campaign targets your home country and other places you want to reach)

– Promotion for your entire profile! (we recommend promoting your profile but we can also focus on 1 song too or an album too. So it as per your desire)


With our organic ads, We push your music to the right targeted people and you will start getting new targeted listeners within 1-2 days! 


*If you have any questions about anything on this service don’t hesitate to ask!


Promoting Your Spotify Profile with Google Ads 

Are you a musician or a music enthusiast looking to increase your visibility on Spotify? Sound On Heat, a leading company in digital marketing services, offers the solution to help you reach your goals. One of the most effective ways to promote your Spotify profile is through online advertising, and Sound On Heat can help you do just that using Google Ads.

Google Ads allows you to create targeted campaigns for your Spotify profile, reaching a wider audience and driving more streams and followers to your music. With the expertise of our digital marketing team , you can have a well-designed Google Ads campaign that will reach your desired audience and get your music in front of the right people.

Here’s how we can help you promote your Spotify profile through Google Ads:

  1. Define Your Target Audience

We will start by identifying your target audience. Who are the people you want to reach with your music? What are their interests and demographics? Once we have a clear understanding of your target audience, we can use Google Ads to target them with your ads.

  1. Create a Landing Page

To maximize the effectiveness of your Google Ads campaign, We will create a landing page specifically for your Spotify profile. This landing page will include information about your music, your background, and links to your Spotify profile and other relevant platforms. We will make sure your landing page is visually appealing and easy to navigate, as this will help increase the likelihood that visitors will follow through and listen to your music.

  1. Set Budget and Bids

With Google Ads, you can set a budget for your campaign, determining how much you are willing to spend per day or per click. Sound On Heat can help you set bids for specific keywords related to your music and target audience, determining how much you are willing to pay for each click on your ad.

  1. Create Your Ad

Once we have your target audience, landing page, budget, and bids set, we will create your ad. We will make sure your ad is eye-catching and includes a clear call-to-action, encouraging visitors to click and listen to your music on Spotify.

  1. Monitor and Optimize Your Campaign

Once your Google Ads campaign is up and running, We will monitor its performance and make adjustments as needed. We will use Google Ads reporting to track your campaign’s effectiveness and make changes to your targeting, budget, bids, and ad as necessary.

By using Sound On Heat Spotify Promotion to promote your Spotify profile, you can reach a wider audience, increase your streams and followers, and take your music career to the next level. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and take your music to the masses!

Frequently Asked Questions

Quicker  than ever before by triggering algorithms and getting you in front of million real fans with our targeted ad strategy that is best in the industry!

Can you promote any genre?

Yes, this spotify promotion is done with targeted ads you chose what artists you want to target whether that’s rap, rock, country, pop, or anything else. You will get listeners who like your style of music!

Will I get paid?

Yes! These are real people listening to your music so you see 100% of the royalties from every stream that comes from our spotify promotion.

Is this Legal? Is it against Spotify policies?

This is 100% within Spotify policies. Every single person that will listen to your music will come directly from Spotify ads.

How many streams will I see?

To be honest, It varies between every artist, on average, about half the audience ends up listening to your song, so if you are in front of a 50k audience you are likely to see 25k-30k plays on your song/profile through ads. If you want a more specific estimate please message us.