Refund Policy

In certain cases and within certain limits,soundonheat (we,us,our)a permit fee may be refunded if the permitted work will not be completed. We will offer respective refunds if customers submit relevant proofs on due cases.Your claims should be authentic,if you could not prove your faultless we will not refund any amount.And your properties will be considered as banned. A full refund will be made if the department is in error. You can report your cold shoulder and the hesitations you have about our services to our company via email: We will respond within 3 (Three) business day. Your feedbacks make significant changes in our systems along this successful years we passed.We highly appreciate further feedbacks from you guys.



You can submit your claims through our support services.

Whatsapp : +94786372601

Email :

For all those claims we will be respond within 4 business days.



Credit/Debit cards : You will be received the payments for the same cards which you have purchased the services from our website.

Paypal : Payments will be sent to those paypal emails which you have purchased the services.



2 -3 business days will be taken for this process.If you have problem going on after this period,please report your claims as above.



In some cases we have experienced some customers placing orders and again they cancel the orders while the promotion going on.In such cases we will react them like this, • we will not refund any amount for the on going promotions.Because we already have spent money on the process.In that case we can’t refund you back. • If you had had a problem because of our promotions and if you can prove it we are ready to refund respective amount in that cases.If those claims are fake we will the necessary actions with the help of payment policies which we have already agreed with paypal and the other payment gateways.

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