SoundCloud is home to 30 million artists worldwide. They have created over 250 million songs. It’s a great place for musicians to connect with fans and grow their audience. On SoundCloud, the right hashtags can really make your music stand out. This is different from bigger platforms like Spotify or Apple Music. For musicians, knowing how to use the best hashtags for soundcloud is crucial for success.

When you use the right hashtags, your music is more likely to be found on SoundCloud. It’s best to use three to five hashtags for each song. This way, you reach your target audience without going overboard. If you have the SoundCloud Next Pro subscription, it can help you even more. It extends the reach of your music, helping you promote it better.

Picking the correct SoundCloud tags is about more than choosing random words. You have to pick tags that fit your music and will appeal to your audience. In this guide, we’ll show you how to use SoundCloud hashtags for promoting your songs effectively.

How to Select the Best Hashtags for Soundcloud Music

Key Takeaways

  • SoundCloud hosts 30 million artists from 193 countries and 250 million songs.
  • Using 3-5 hashtags per track is recommended for effective soundcloud promotion.
  • Hashtags should be relevant to the music genre and mood.
  • The SoundCloud Next Pro subscription enhances promotional capabilities.
  • Strategic tagging can significantly boost track visibility and interaction.

What are Soundcloud Tags and Why Are They Important?

SoundCloud tags are like keywords that help artists and songs get noticed. They’re essential in SoundCloud’s big library. Tags can show things like a song’s genre or mood. This way, artists can reach more people among the 272 million users on SoundCloud.

How Tags Help Increase Visibility on Soundcloud

Tags let users and DJs quickly find music they like, in just a few words. Adding five tags to a track describes it fully, from genre to feel. Artists should pick three tags that really fit their song. This way, their music reaches the right ears, boosting its visibility.

The Role of the Soundcloud Algorithm in Discovering New Music

The SoundCloud algorithm is key for finding new music. It boosts tracks that match what users are looking for. So, using the right, specific tags can lift a track in search results. Tags like Breaks or #happy can help link music to those who enjoy it.

Why Using best hashtags for Soundcloud to Increases Song Exposure

Strategic SoundCloud tags can really put a song in the spotlight. They attract listeners interested in the song’s style. It’s best to stay focused; avoid tags that don’t fit. Watching what tags similar artists use helps. Direct tags like #drumsolo or choosing top & best hashtags for soundcloud music is the way to go for more impact.

How to Select the Right Hashtags for Your Music

Choosing the right hashtags for your SoundCloud music is key. It can boost your reach and how many people engage with your music. Choosing the right ones means finding a mix of popular and specific tags. Aim for 8 to 15 key hashtags. This is good for helping your music get found easily.


select the right hashtag

Tips to Select the Right Tags to Use

First, choose hashtags that say what your music is about. Use tags for its genre, mood, and vibe. So, you might add #rock or #pop for genre, and #chill or #energetic for mood. Don’t forget about themes. Tags like #MusicMonday and #NewMusicFriday can make your posts stand out. They might catch the eye of new listeners. Check out what other musicians in your genre are using. This can help you find tags that will connect with your audience better.

Hashtag popularity changes by music genre. #hiphop and #indie have different audiences than #classical or #jazz. Keeping up with what hashtags are trending is important. Adding tags like #BehindTheScenes or #acousticcover can also keep your followers interested. Plus, they might bring in new fans. Make sure you know the popular hashtags for your specific kind of music. This will help you reach people looking for similar music.

Combining General and Relevant Tags

Use a mix of general and specific genre tags. For instance, mix #electronic with #synthwave. Or put #ambient with #relaxing. Stick to what your fans like to search for. Mixing general and specific tags helps more people see your music. It broadens your reach, yet keeps your music-linked downloads by specific fans. Using varied tags gives you the best of both worlds.

What Are the Best Soundcloud Tags to Use?

Choosing the best Soundcloud tags is key to getting your music out there. It’s important to know popular genres and tags that are trending. This way, your music can be better found and enjoyed by the right people.

Top Hashtags Based on Genre

Using tags related to your music’s genre is essential on SoundCloud. Tags like #house, #hiphop, and #pop are very popular. They help your music fit in and stand out. If your music is in a niche genre like #Drum n Bass, or #Metal, you’ll also find listeners who love your style.

Genre Common Tags
House #house, #dance, #electronic
Hip Hop #hiphop, #rap, #beats
Pop #pop, #song, #beat
Drum n Bass #drumnbass, #dnb, #bass

Staying on top of trending hashtags can help people find your music. Tags like #summer and #chill are getting more popular. Using these can keep your music in the spotlight. It shows you know what people like to listen to.

Tags to Help Increase your Plays and Followers

To get more plays and followers, mix genre tags with descriptive tags. Tags like #happy or #emotional can tell listeners what they’ll feel from your song. It helps your music connect with more people. Choose up to five tags to get your music seen more, but don’t use too many.

In short, use a variety of tags and stay on trend to boost your music. Mix genre tags with catchy and mood-specific ones. This way, you can grow your audience and get more plays on SoundCloud.

How Does the Soundcloud Algorithm Work with Hashtags?

The SoundCloud algorithm is like search engines. It makes sure users find content they like. This is done through the DiscoRank algorithm. It picks tracks that use hashtags well. Adding the right tags in your track’s description can make your music more visible.


SoundCloud algorithm

How Soundcloud’s Algorithm Uses Hashtags for Recommendations

The SoundCloud algorithm checks hashtags to suggest music. It looks at how fitting the tags are. Tracks with good tags pop up more in searches. This means using the right tags can help your music get found. Tagging with genres and moods that listeners enjoy is key.

The Effect of Tags on the Soundcloud Algorithm

Tags play a big role in how the SoundCloud algorithm works. Tags like #happy or #dark affect where your music shows up. Picking the best tags helps the algorithm like your track more. This then helps more people discover your music.

Tips to Use Hashtags to Your Advantage

To make the most of hashtags, use them smartly. Here are some tips:

  • Research Popular Tags: Find out which tags are hot on SoundCloud and fit your music.
  • Be Specific: Use hashtags that clearly say what your track is about, like #drumsolo or #guitarinstrumental.
  • Avoid Over-tagging: Pick a few very specific tags. This is better than using lots of general ones.
  • Analyze Similar Artists: Look at what tags successful artists in your genre use. They can guide your tagging.
  • Brand Tagging: Add your brand name as a tag to stand out more on SoundCloud.

By using these tips, artists make the most of the SoundCloud and DiscoRank algorithms. This can help their music reach more people. It’s all about using hashtags wisely.

How Many Tags Should You Use When Uploading a Track?

Navigating tags on SoundCloud is a balancing act. Tags help listeners and fans discover your music. It’s crucial to use the right amount of tags carefully.

Optimal Number of Tags to Use

You can tag up to five tags on SoundCloud per track. It might seem smart to use them all, but it’s better to be brief and direct. Make sure each tag is 20 characters or less. Good tags are genres like House, Pop, and Dance, but also more general ones like Bass, Chill, and Emotional. Aim for about three abstract tags to really show what your music is about.

Balancing Between Too Many and Too Few

Using too many tags can be as bad as using too few. Too many can confuse SoundCloud’s system and make your track seem random. But, using just a few tags can limit who hears your music. Picking three to five good tags is the key. It helps your music be found without getting lost in a sea of irrelevant tracks.

For more tips on SoundCloud tagging, check here. Remember, it’s more about the quality and relevance of your tags than the number. Think carefully about how each tag connects with your music to truly stand out.


Why should I use hashtags on SoundCloud?

Using hashtags on SoundCloud helps increase visibility and allows users to find your content more easily. It’s a great way to market your music and reach a larger audience.

How do I find the most popular hashtags for SoundCloud?

You can find the most popular hashtags by exploring trending tags related to your genre on social media platforms or by observing what popular SoundCloud artists are using.

How many hashtags should I use on SoundCloud?

A: While there’s no exact number, using more than 10 hashtags can be effective. However, make sure the hashtags are relevant to your music to avoid spamming.

What are some good hashtags to use for my disco tracks?

For disco tracks, consider using hashtags like #Disco, #DanceMusic, #70sMusic, and other tags related to the genre. This will help users to find your content more easily.

Are there specific hashtags I should avoid?

Avoid using hashtags that are not relevant to your music. Overloading your tracks with unrelated hashtags can confuse listeners and lower your credibility.

Can hashtags improve my chances of getting featured on popular SoundCloud explore pages?

Yes, using relevant and popular hashtags can indeed improve your chances of being discovered on popular SoundCloud explore pages.

Q: How do I know if the hashtags I'm using are effective?

Check your track’s analytics on SoundCloud and see if there’s an increase in plays, likes, and comments. This can help gauge the effectiveness of the hashtags you’re using.

Is it necessary to use hashtags when uploading each track?

While not absolutely necessary, adding hashtags when uploading each track can significantly improve your visibility and help users find your content more efficiently.

Can using hashtags help me reach new fans on SoundCloud?

Definitely! Using the right hashtags can make it easier for people who are interested in your genre to discover your music. It’s a great way to attract new listeners and grow your fanbase.

Do hashtags allow users to find my music on other media platforms too?

Yes, hashtags can help users find your music across various media platforms, making it easier to market your music beyond just SoundCloud.

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