Adding music to Spotify before it’s out is easy with the pre-save feature. It lets you add future songs or albums to your library right when they’re released. We’ll show you how, from starting a pre-save to spreading the word about it.

Key Takeaways

  • Pre-saving an album or song on Spotify will automatically add it to the user’s Spotify library on the release date.
  • Digital distribution services such as Distrokid and CDBaby offer free pre-save creation tools for artists.
  • The new Countdown Pages feature on Spotify makes it easy to pre-save albums directly from the Spotify app.
  • Creating an easily accessible pre-save button on social media can encourage fans to pre-save upcoming releases.
  • Effective pre-save campaigns can significantly increase the chances of getting featured on Spotify’s algorithmic playlists like Release Radar and Discover Weekly.

We’ll cover setting up and using the pre-save feature to get new music on Spotify. Be ready to learn how to maximize this tool.

how to presave on spotify

Understanding Spotify Pre-Saves

The Spotify pre-save works like a pre-order for music. It lets listeners add upcoming songs to their Spotify library early. This helps artists see how much interest there is and plan their release better. They need to set a release date at least 30 days ahead for everything to work smoothly.

To use Spotify For Artists, musicians can control their pre-saves. And they can ask to be included in special, official playlists. They just need a special code called the Artist URI. You can get it from the Magroove store or find it in the Spotify app.

Starting a presave campaign can get artists more downloads and plays early on. It’s good to do things like a countdown on social media to get fans excited. Planning ahead helps a lot. If they start 60 or 90 days before, they have a better shot at being in top playlists.

Feature Benefits
Spotify Pre-Save Generates early downloads and streams
Spotify For Artists Manage pre-saves and pitch to playlists
Long Lead Times Enhances playlist features and broadens the audience

In the end, the Spotify pre-save feature is great for promoting music. It helps artists plan well and get noticed in the huge world of music on Spotify.

Submitting Your Song or Album to Spotify

To get your music on Spotify, you should use Distrokid or CDBaby. These websites help send your songs to Spotify. They handle everything, from song names to release dates.

Distrokid and CDBaby are great for artists. Distrokid lets you create pre-saves with their Hyperfollow tool. On the other hand, CDBaby offers for pre-saving. These tools help build buzz before you release your song or album.

Most pre-saving tools need your song’s Spotify URI. But, some can use the UPC from your distributor. Using pre-save features well can get you more streams and downloads before your song even comes out. It’s best to set this up at least 30 days before you release your music.

Using Distrokid or CDBaby boosts how you share your music. They let you customize your pre-save URLs. You can add your album cover, your name, and even change the colors. This makes fans even more excited.

Don’t forget Spotify For Artists. It lets you manage your pre-save campaigns and submit your new songs to Spotify playlists. Using Spotify For Artists can get more people to hear your new music when it comes out.

Service Pre-Save Tool Costs
Distrokid Hyperfollow Free
CDBaby Free
Various Other Distributors Pre-Save Buttons Charged Fee

How to presave on spotify?

One great way for Spotify artists to share their music is through pre-saving. This lets fans put a song or album in their library ahead of time. They get to listen the moment it’s out.

For a smooth pre-save, artists should plan the release two to four weeks early. This gives time to spread the word and create buzz. SoundLink works well, linking directly with Spotify for easy setup.

Distribution services like Distrokid and CDBaby have tools for making pre-saves. They let artists make special URLs. These URLs send fans to Spotify, Apple Music, or Deezer to pre-save songs. also helps by collecting fan emails through pre-saves.

Service Feature
Distrokid Free pre-save tools, Hyperfollow, pre-save buttons
CDBaby, free pre-save creation, customizable URLs Email collection, customizable pre-save links

Adding the pre-save link to social media or websites is key. It makes it easy for fans to find and use. Make sure to get the Spotify URI for the release.

Spotify’s pre-save is a great way to get fans excited about new songs. It lets artists connect with fans early. By using different tools and services, pre-saves can be even more effective.

Creating an Artist Landing Page for Pre-Save Campaigns

An artist landing page for your pre-save campaigns can boost how you promote your new music. Let’s see how using third-party tools can help build a tailored page. This will fulfill your promo needs.

Using Third-Party Tools

Many musicians use Linkfire,, and Hypeddit for pre-save campaigns. These tools have templates and options for making an attractive, useful landing page. They also let you follow who’s checking out your music. This helps you know your fans better and plan your next music moves.

  • Linkfire – It’s good for detailed analytics and works smoothly with many streaming services.
  • – Helps you know your listeners better and gets your music more attention.
  • Hypeddit – Combines social media and streaming for a strong promotion.

Customizing Your Landing Page

Making your custom artist landing page stand out is crucial. You can personalize it by adding special URLs, unique messages, and your brand’s look. This makes your page more than a basic landing page. It turns it into a spot where fans want to click and see more, like your pre-save button.

And don’t forget to share your artist landing page on social media and your website. This makes it easy for fans to check out and pre-save your upcoming music. A good pre-save campaign not only gets more plays on Spotify, but also increases your chances to get on popular playlists like Release Radar.

Obtaining the Spotify URI for Your Upcoming Release

Getting the Spotify URI is key for your upcoming release. You need it to make a pre-save link. This code is like a secret code for your song or album on Spotify. You can find the Spotify URI in your Spotify for Artists account.

A pre-save link can help get more plays on Spotify and get fans excited. With the URI, your song or album might show up on Spotify’s Release Radar or Discover Weekly. These playlists reach a lot of listeners. Also, it helps you learn more about your fans, like their email addresses. This info can make your future marketing even better.

If you’re ready to make a pre-save link, make sure your Spotify URI is correct. An incorrect URI means the pre-save link won’t work. This could slow down how your music performs on Spotify. So, always check your Spotify app and related sites to be accurate. Using the right pre-save campaign helps grow your Spotify plays and connect you with more fans.

To get started, get your Spotify URI from your Spotify for Artists account. Then, create a pre-save link for your upcoming release. This step will help your music get more attention on Spotify.

Setting Up Your Pre-Save Campaign

Creating an effective pre-save campaign on Spotify is key for artists. It helps them reach more listeners before their new music comes out. First, you must make a special pre-save link using the Song or Album URI. Then, share your campaign to get it in front of your fans.

Artists can make a pre-save link by using services like Distrokid and CDBaby. These services are free and easy to use. Distrokid’s Hyperfollow lets you set up pre-saves. CDBaby’s helps you make detailed pre-save campaigns. There are also other services, such as Linkfire,, and Hypeddit, that offer buttons you can customize for pre-saving.

To use most pre-save tools, you need the release’s URI. Artists should visit Spotify for Artists to get this and start their pre-save campaign. They can customize their pre-save links in different ways, like using short links, showing confirmation messages, and activating pre-release buttons.

pre-save campaign

Publishing Your Campaign

Once the pre-save link is ready, the next step is to publish the campaign. This makes the pre-save link available on social media and artist websites. Many services let you easily put the pre-save link on landing pages. This makes it more visible and easier to find.

Artists should include the pre-save link on their social media and websites. This helps fans engage easily. Encouraging fans to pre-save can grow streaming numbers. It also improves the chance of getting noticed on Spotify’s popular playlists like Release Radar or Discover Weekly.

Pre-save campaigns also gather important data, like emails and fan listening habits. For example, collects up to 50 emails from people who pre-save on their platform. This data can help artists market their music in a more focused way.

By setting up and sharing a pre-save campaign well, artists can enhance their music’s success on Spotify and other platforms.

Using Spotify’s Countdown Pages

Spotify has a cool new tool, Countdown Pages. It gets fans hyped for the latest albums. Fans can check out the track list and even pre-order swag on these pages.

A big plus of Countdown Pages is how they let fans do Spotify pre-saves. This means the album’s ready in their collection as soon as it drops. Over 80% of people who pre-saved a release listened to it in the first week. This shows how powerful the tool is for artists to connect with their fans early.

This feature is being shared with more artists worldwide. With a library of over 80 million songs, Countdown Pages are a hit for how they mix with fan collections. And they personalize the experience based on what people listen to. This can bring in a new audience for the artists.

Fans who pre-save get a head up when the album is out. And, it’s easy to find these pages on artists’ profiles. In the end, Spotify Countdown Pages help artists and fans alike. They make release days fun and satisfy fans’ need for new tunes quickly.

Promoting Your Pre-Save Campaign

It’s key to promote your pre-save campaign to make it big on Spotify. Using social media and newsletters well can help you reach out to fans. This can boost your Spotify promotion. Let’s dive into strategies that work well.

Leveraging Social Media

On platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, you can quickly tell fans about your pre-save campaign. Share engaging content, like sneak peek videos, teasers, and countdowns, to generate buzz. Also, ask fans to share your pre-save link. This can help your campaign reach more people. Try running contests on Twitter. It can increase your visibility and followers, helping your campaign grow.

  1. Create eye-catching posts highlighting your pre-save link.
  2. Engage with followers through stories, reels, and live sessions.
  3. Use relevant hashtags to increase visibility.

Using Newsletters

Sending newsletters is a strong way to promote your new content to dedicated fans. Media and entertainment emails have a 21% open rate, so it’s crucial to send engaging messages. Add your pre-save link to newsletters. It makes it easy for interested fans to pre-save your track. Tell an interesting story about the music or artist. This makes the newsletter more interesting and gets more people to pre-save. Also, put the pre-save link in press releases. It can attract new fans and boost pre-save numbers.

Start promoting two to four weeks before the release date. This gives enough time for fans to get excited. The sooner you start, the more likely Spotify is to feature your music in popular playlists.

  1. Send out bi-weekly newsletters with updates and reminders.
  2. Include stories and exclusive content to captivate readers.
  3. Highlight the importance and benefits of pre-saving for fans.

In the end, a successful pre-save campaign relies on smart social media and newsletter use. Engaging fans and staying in touch can help artists get more Spotify attention. This way, they can reach a wider audience.

Engaging Your Audience with Exclusive Content

Engaging your audience is key in successful music promotion. It’s crucial to share exclusive content. This includes things like behind-the-scenes clips, extra songs, or stories about how the music was made. This type of sharing boosts fan loyalty. It makes fans feel more connected and involved in the artist’s journey.

engaging audience

Using exclusive content in your strategy shows your audience they are valued. It also amps up their engagement. Tools like, ToneDen, and help you manage these campaigns. They let you see how effective the content is through metrics like pre-save rates and fan engagement.

Artists can team up with influencers or playlist curators in their music genre. This helps spread the word about their new songs. Working together leads to more playlist spots and more people hearing about the artist. It makes their music more visible to a wider audience.

Offering exclusive content and working with influential partners keeps fans loyal. It also increases measures like pre-save rates and streams. To stay successful, always analyze and adjust your promotion methods. Use what you learn to improve future music releases.

Collecting and Utilizing Audience Data

Collecting audience data is key in pre-save campaigns. These campaigns give artists valuable insights. They use these for targeted promotion and music analytics.

David Kushner’s campaign got more than 100,000 pre-saves. This led to 87 million Spotify streams. It also helped him succeed in Australia and the UK.

Artists can know their fans better with these metrics. This helps them customize marketing and improve targeted promotion strategies. For indie artists, pre-save campaigns boost engagement and grow a loyal fan base. By giving rewards for pre-saving, like exclusive content, artists can get more people engaged.

Tools like Promoly show quick and easy-to-understand stats. They help artists see how well their campaigns are doing. Things like pre-saves, email sign-ups, and streaming numbers tell a lot about how much fans are into it.

Eva Grace, for example, got 7,000 emails quickly after a viral TikTok. Her pre-save campaign was a big success.

Also, collecting first-party data through pre-save campaigns is important. It lets artists get emails or phone numbers. They can use this for future messages and promotions. This data helps them know more about their fans and what they like.

Seeing the effect of pre-save campaigns by the number of streams and how many fans act, artists learn a lot. Eva Grace and Emmy Meli had a lot of Spotify streams from their pre-saves. This success shows the power of using pre-save strategies and studying audience data carefully.

Lastly, working with strong music smart link tools, like SoundLink, can help. These tools boost the power of pre-save campaigns. They help artists gather and use important audience data. This data guides future targeted promotion. It ensures artists keep growing and stay relevant on their music journey.

Exploring Additional Pre-Save Tools and Services

Looking to connect more with fans and make releases smoother, artists can check out different pre-save tools and services. These options make starting pre-save campaigns easy and are great for today’s artists. is a top pick for musicians with its wide selection of pre-save options. It’s great for linking with Spotify to get your music out there. It offers cool perks like:

  • Customizable pre-save landing pages
  • Email collection for direct marketing
  • Advanced analytics to monitor campaign performance and HyperFollow and Distrokid’s HyperFollow also have special tools for artists:

  • It syncs with CDBaby to run pre-save campaigns straight from your dashboard. This aids in creating marketing plans that target your fans.
  • HyperFollow: Distrokid offers this service for free. It makes eye-catching landing pages for pre-saves. It’s also good for collecting emails and tracking how fans are involved.

These services give crucial music distribution tools for artists, no matter their deal status.

Tool Key Features Integration Customizable landing pages, Email collection, Advanced analytics Spotify, Deezer Dashboard integration, Targeted marketing strategies, Cross-platform updating CDBaby, Spotify
HyperFollow Custom landing pages, Email collection, Fan engagement metrics Distrokid, Spotify, Amazon

Artists should seriously consider these pre-save tools and services for reaching fans and pulling off great releases. These music distribution tools ensure a strong start and wide impact.


Finishing your pre-save campaign is key to a successful music launch on Spotify. These pre-save links help your music do better on Spotify’s algorithm. They bring in more streams on the first day of release. This makes your music more likely to be featured on Spotify’s playlists.

Also, giving fans a reason to pre-save encourages them to listen more once it’s live. This boosts your streaming numbers and builds a stronger fan connection. A good pre-save campaign strengthens your relationship with fans. It helps you succeed on Spotify.

The data from these campaigns gives you insights into what your fans like. It’s a great help in making better marketing moves in the future. This data is key in the music marketing world. For more tips on how to set up and get the best from pre-save campaigns, read this step-by-step guide.

To wrap up, Spotify pre-saves are crucial for any musician’s marketing plan. They boost your launch day and keep fans engaged long-term. By using these tactics, musicians can see big wins. It helps their music get out to more people.


Q: How long does it take for a pre-saved song to appear in my Spotify library?

As soon as the song or album is officially released, it will be automatically added to your Spotify library. You’ll be able to stream it immediately without any extra steps.

What if I don’t see the pre-save feature on a song?

Not all releases have a pre-save feature. It’s up to the artist or label to set up a pre-save campaign. If you don’t see the option, it’s likely that pre-saving isn’t available for that specific song or album.

Do I need a specific type of Spotify account to use the pre-save feature?

No, any type of Spotify account can use the pre-save feature, whether free or premium. Just log in to Spotify when prompted after clicking the pre-save link.

Can I cancel a pre-save after I've done it?

There’s no direct way to “cancel” a pre-save. However, you can remove the song or album from your Spotify library anytime after it’s been added by pre-saving.

Can artists track who pre-saves their music?

Yes, artists and labels can see how many pre-saves their release has received as part of their Spotify pre-save campaign. It’s a useful way for them to gauge interest and engagement from fans.

Is there a limit to how many songs I can pre-save on Spotify?

There’s no limit to how many songs or albums you can pre-save on Spotify. You can pre-save as many upcoming releases as you like.

How do artists create a Spotify pre-save campaign?

Artists typically use third-party services to create a Spotify pre-save campaign. These services generate a Spotify pre-save link and pre-save page that fans can use. It’s an effective way to encourage fans to pre-save music and ensure it’s added to their library as soon as it’s released.