SoundCloud started in 2007 and quickly became a top music streaming service. It now holds a vast library of over 320 million songs. Downloading from SoundCloud depends on if the uploader allows it.

To get music from SoundCloud, you can use the website or app. This is easy to do. First, log in to your SoundCloud account. Then, find the song you want and check if a download option is available. If there is, click download.

If a song doesn’t offer direct download, SoundCloud Go+ steps in. Users pay $10 each month for this service. With it, you can download songs and listen offline, even whole albums. For a cheaper option at $5 a month, SoundCloud Go offers similar features with some limits.

If downloading isn’t straightforward, some third-party tools can help. These tools need the song’s web address to work. They change and save the song as an MP3 file for download. Just remember, downloading without permission breaks copyright laws and SoundCloud rules.

How To Download Soundcloud Songs

Key Takeaways

  • SoundCloud has a massive collection of over 320 million songs.
  • Ability to download songs depends on the uploader’s choice.
  • For offline downloads, SoundCloud Go+ is available at $10/month.
  • It’s possible to convert SoundCloud tracks to MP3, but respect copyright laws.
  • SoundCloud Go+ or the official app allows for offline listening.
  • Always respect the copyright of tracks you download.

Introduction to SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a standout in the world of music streaming. It lets new artists shine and gives users plenty of unique music to enjoy. From podcasts to new albums, it’s a go-to for exploring fresh sounds. This mix of content draws in music lovers and those eager to find fresh talent.

What is SoundCloud?

SoundCloud boasts a huge collection of audio, with millions of songs from artists all over the globe. You can dive into this collection via the SoundCloud website or their mobile app. No matter if you’re a casual listener or a passionate fan, SoundCloud has a plan for you, with the option to use it for free or with extra perks if you subscribe.

Benefits of Using SoundCloud

SoundCloud helps artists share their work with the whole world. For listeners, it opens doors to mainstream hits and hidden gems. It’s easy to share your favorite tracks too. This lets music travel further, making it easier to find and enjoy.

  1. Wide Selection: SoundCloud offers millions of songs from all kinds of music genres.
  2. Global Accessibility: It can be accessed from anywhere in the world, on all sorts of devices.
  3. Free and Premium Plans: You can start for free and upgrade to premium features with SoundCloud Go+.

In short, SoundCloud is key for both those who create music and those who love to listen, enriching the music experience for everyone.

Downloading songs on SoundCloud means understanding legal download rules. It lets artists share tracks for download legally, so fans can enjoy them. But, it’s key to honor the artist and follow SoundCloud’s download policy.

SoundCloud’s Download Policy

The download policy on SoundCloud is direct. Artists choose if you can download their tracks. Look for a ‘Download’ button to know if you can. Downloading without permission is against the rules and may cause problems.

Anyone who downloads music should know about copyright laws. These laws cover music, lyrics, and more. Using work without permission is copyright infringement. Make sure you have the right permissions.

“Using someone else’s work without permission constitutes copyright infringement.”

Copyright is tricky, especially in music. Getting a copyright lawyer’s advice is smart. SoundCloud and similar platforms involve many permission steps. For more help, check with local copyright offices or the WIPO’s database.

How To Download Soundcloud Songs

Downloading songs from SoundCloud is easy. Just click the official download button when available. Since its start in 2007, SoundCloud has grown to have over 320 million songs. You can listen offline by paying $10 monthly for SoundCloud Go+.

Using the Official Download Button

To get music from SoundCloud officially, first search for the track you want. Click the track’s title to see a direct download option. This option is usually under the soundwave or the ‘More’ tab. The artist must allow downloads for this to work.

Restrictions of the Official Download

The official download has some limits. You can download single tracks easily, but albums or playlists are only available with SoundCloud Go+. Also, for offline music on phones, you need either SoundCloud Go ($5/month) or SoundCloud Go+.

Using official downloads means you support the artists and their work. It makes your offline listening better. Just follow the steps to download and respect the music artists.

How to Sign Up for a SoundCloud Account

Are you excited to dive into SoundCloud’s features? The first thing you need to do is sign up for SoundCloud. It’s easy to create an account, and there are many ways to start.

Creating a Free Account

To make a free SoundCloud account, just go to their site or use the Android and iOS apps. You can sign up with your email or any social media account, like Google, Facebook, or Apple ID. A free account lets you listen to millions of songs, follow your favorite artists, and make playlists.

Upgrading to SoundCloud Go+

Want more from SoundCloud? Consider upgrading to SoundCloud Go+. This subscription gives you offline listening, a bigger song library, and no ads. You can upgrade via the Settings on the website or the app. With SoundCloud Go+, you’re in for an amazing experience with your SoundCloud account.

Using Third-Party Tools to Download Music from SoundCloud

SoundCloud is popular globally with millions of monthly listeners. Although you can listen for free, some tools let you download music for a better experience.

On SoundCloud, artists choose if their music can be downloaded or not. This means you might not always be able to download the songs you want using third-party tools.

Best SoundCloud to MP3 Converters

KlickAud and Scdownloader are top picks for downloading from SoundCloud. KlickAud is easy and free to use, while Sclouddownloader lets you download tracks ad playlists.

Using a Chrome Extension

Chrome extensions like “Free Music Downloader” make downloading easier. They work right on SoundCloud, letting you download music quickly and easily. After installing the extension, just find the song you want and start the download.

Remember, using third-party tools and extensions comes with responsibility. Only download music that is legally available. This respects the artists and prevents piracy.

How to Use SCDownloader

SCDownloader is an online tool for easily getting SoundCloud tracks. It’s perfect for fast, ad-free song downloads. With SCDownloader, you can quickly save your favorite SoundCloud MP3s.


Steps to Download

Downloading with SCDownloader is easy. You can get SoundCloud MP3s quickly. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to SoundCloud and copy the track’s URL.
  2. Visit the SCDownloader site.
  3. Put the URL in the box.
  4. Hit ‘Convert’.
  5. When it’s ready, click ‘Download’ to keep the MP3.

Features of SCDownloader

Several cool features make SCDownloader a top choice:

  • It’s free: No cost to use SCDownloader.
  • No need to sign up: Begin downloading immediately.
  • It’s ad-free: No bothersome ads while getting your tracks.
  • Works on iOS and Android: Download MP3s on any device.
  • Choose your quality: Select 128kbps or 320kbps. There’s also a pro version for high-quality fans.
  • No limits: Download as many tracks as you like.

SCDownloader is a powerful tool for downloading SoundCloud MP3s. It makes downloading smooth and effective for users.

Downloading Songs with Downcloud

Downcloud is pivotal for those who want to convert SoundCloud tracks into MP3s. It offers various quality options for song downloads. This ensures everyone can find what they’re looking for.

Download Soundcloud Songs

How to Use Downcloud

Operating Downcloud requires no tech skills. Just paste the SoundCloud URL and hit convert on the Downcloud site. You can download single tracks or whole playlists easily.

Quality Options Available

There are many quality choices on Single Mango, from MP3s at 128 kbps to 320 kbps. This is perfect for music lovers of all types. Users can pick their favorite quality, depending on their device and audio needs.

Getting songs is quick and easy, whether on your phone or computer. Single Mango works smoothly on every browser and Android device. This makes it a top choice for people who are always on the move.

Downloading Songs with KlickAud

Do you want to download songs from SoundCloud easily? Check out KlickAud. It’s a simple and efficient tool for converting SoundCloud tracks to MP3s. It keeps the quality high.

soundcloud downloader

How to Use KlickAud

It’s easy to use KlickAud. Just follow these steps:

  1. Copy the URL of the SoundCloud track you like.
  2. Go to the KlickAud site.
  3. Paste the URL into the box.
  4. Press ‘Download’ to start.
  5. Then, choose the MP3 quality you want and wait for it to finish.

Now, your favorite tracks are MP3s and easy to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Additional Features of KlickAud

KlickAud does more than just turn SoundCloud songs into MP3s. It offers extra goodies for all music fans:

  • Artwork download: Download the track artwork too.
  • MP3 quality: Pick from different quality settings for the best audio.
  • Accessibility: It’s safe to use and won’t disappear like some browser extensions do.
  • Compatibility: Works on various browsers and devices, making it super convenient.

Its mix of simplicity and full features is why KlickAud is loved by those into SoundCloud music downloads.

Using VideoProc Converter

VideoProc Converter is more than just a converter. It’s better than the usual converters found online. It lets you download and convert audio and video files from many streaming platforms.


VideoProc Converter

Downloading Music from SoundCloud

Downloading from SoundCloud is easy with VideoProc Converter. It’s very versatile. It doesn’t just give you MP3s at 128kbps. It lets you download in other formats too, like MP3, M4A, FLAC, AAC, and M4R. This means you always get the format and quality you want.

VideoProc Converter also lets you download SoundCloud playlists. This is great because SoundCloud has millions of users. It makes managing your music collection a breeze.

Additional Features of VideoProc Converter

But VideoProc Converter does more than download. It has tools for editing music too. You can cut, merge, and add effects to your audio files easily.

It supports many streaming services. So, you’re not just limited to SoundCloud. This makes it a valuable tool for anyone working with music and videos.

It also has great audio conversion features. You can convert your music to different formats. This ensures your music plays well on any device or app.

When it comes to downloading, using software like VideoProc Converter is better than online tools. It gives you more choices and keeps your downloads safe for your SoundCloud account.

Transfer Downloaded SoundCloud Songs to Mobile Devices

After downloading SoundCloud MP3 tracks, moving them to your mobile is key for on-the-go music. If you want to listen offline or build a playlist of favorites, mobile devices work perfectly.

If you have SoundCloud Go+ for $10 a month, it’s easy. This membership lets you download tracks and transfer them directly to your mobile using the SoundCloud app. SoundCloud Go, for $5 a month, has similar perks, ensuring easy listening to your top picks.

If you like doing it manually, gather all your MP3s on your computer. Then, connect your smartphone and put the songs in the music folder. This way, you can listen offline and enjoy music anywhere.

Some SoundCloud songs can’t be downloaded directly, so there are tools to help. These tools get music from SoundCloud’s server, letting you download legally shared content. Remember, support musicians by choosing legal ways to enjoy their work.

Enjoy music on-the-go by easily putting your downloaded SoundCloud songs on your mobile. With your favorites just a tap away, your music experience is elevated wherever you go.

Comparison of SoundCloud with Other Music Streaming Platforms

SoundCloud is not like other music apps. It is made for small artists and unique music types. This makes it a nice place for new musicians to start and find fans.

SoundCloud vs. Spotify

SoundCloud is different from Spotify in many ways. It has lots of artists, not as many as Spotify, but still plenty at 30 million. Spotify, on the other hand, has more users at 600 million and 230 million pay for its services around the world.

Spotify offers about 80 million songs, less than SoundCloud’s 200 million. But, Spotify’s music sounds better in its Premium service. SoundCloud helps new artists grow with tools for Pro accounts and a social network-like platform. Spotify, though, supports more known artists with its own platform. This helps artists work together and connect with fans better.

SoundCloud vs. Apple Music

Comparing SoundCloud and Apple Music shows they aim at different music fans. Apple Music focuses on popular music and makes special playlists. SoundCloud has a huge collection of tracks for finding new and indie artists.

SoundCloud’s Go+ and Apple Music’s paid plans both let you listen offline. SoundCloud helps unknown artists find fans with its Similar Tracks feature. Apple Music, on the other hand, gives a smoother experience. It’s great for those who love big libraries and playlists.

Finally, each platform shines in its own way. SoundCloud is great for new and unique music. Spotify and Apple Music, with their big collections and features, offer a more refined experience.


Downloading SoundCloud tracks is smooth and nice, whether from SoundCloud’s website or using other apps. But, it’s super important to follow what artists want. Don’t download if they say no. This way, music fans can support their preferred songs and listen offline legally.

SoundCloud has paid plans like Go and Go+ for $4.99 and $9.99. They let you enjoy more offline. For free, you can download up to 100 tracks from the web player. Or, you can use 100s of third party websites to download SoundCloud Music on your Mobile, Windows PC or Mac. It saves music from SoundCloud in great quality and keeps all info like artist name and album. This app also turns files into different formats, lets you edit artist info, and even burn CDs. It’s a great choice for music fans who want to save songs for offline listening.

To download music legally and smoothly, users should know their options. By considering SoundCloud’s paid versions like Go+, or using special apps, everyone can have their favorite SoundCloud music offline. This way, they support artists and become part of a lively music community.


What is the official way to download songs from SoundCloud?

The official way to download songs from SoundCloud is to see if the track is available for download. If the artist has made the track downloadable, you’ll see a download button below the waveform. Simply click on it to download the track directly.

How can I check if a song is available for download on SoundCloud?

To check if a song is available for download on SoundCloud, look for the download button below the track’s waveform or in the options menu. If it’s not visible, the track may not be available for free download.

What should I do if I can't download a track from SoundCloud?

If you can’t download a track from SoundCloud, it means the artist has not permitted downloads for that track. You can still stream the track or look for other tracks from the artist that may be downloadable.

Are there any unofficial ways to download music from SoundCloud?

Using an unofficial way to download music from SoundCloud involves tools or websites that convert streaming tracks into downloadable files. However, we recommend respecting the artist’s choice and sticking to the official ways where possible.

How do I download tracks from SoundCloud using a third-party tool?

To download tracks from SoundCloud using a third-party tool, copy the URL of the track you want to download, Go to one of th above mentioned tools that download soundcloud songs,paste it into the tool’s input bar at the top, and follow the instructions to download the music in MP3 format. Please use these tools responsibly and consider the artist’s rights.

Is it legal to download songs from SoundCloud using third-party services?

The legality of downloading songs from SoundCloud using third-party services varies by jurisdiction. In many areas, it is considered a breach of the terms of service and possibly copyright laws. Always ensure you are following legal guidelines and respect the artist’s rights when downloading music.

Do I need to be signed in to my SoundCloud account to download tracks?

Yes, often you need to be signed in to your SoundCloud account to download tracks if the artist has enabled downloading. Logging in ensures that the download is tracked correctly.

How can I download songs from SoundCloud on my mobile device?

To download songs from SoundCloud on your mobile device, use the official SoundCloud app and see if the track is available for download. If it is, you’ll see a download button. Press it to download the track. For unofficial methods, ensure you are compliant with local copyright laws.

Can I download an entire playlist from SoundCloud?

SoundCloud does not officially support downloading entire playlists. You would need to download each track individually if they are available for download. But you can use mentioned tools in the post to download entire soundcloud playlists.

Are there any specific terms or limitations for downloading tracks in 2024?

As of 2024, the terms and limitations for downloading tracks from SoundCloud remain similar. Artists can choose whether to make their tracks available for download. Always check the track’s download policy and comply with SoundCloud’s terms of service.