Promoting your music on Spotify can be a challenging task, especially with the vast number of services available. To help you navigate this landscape and make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a list of the best USA Spotify promotion companies. These companies have been selected based on their effectiveness, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Key Takeaways

  • Sound On Heat is the leading provider of the USA Spotify Promotion
  • Omari MC offers a range of packages to suit different budgets and needs, with a focus on ethical promotion.
  • YouGrow Promo is known for its extensive targeting options and manual submission process, ensuring personalized service.
  • SoundCampaign provides automated services with extensive targeting options, making it a good choice for those looking for a hands-off approach.
  • Artist Push specializes in Spotify promotion and offers a variety of services to help artists get their music heard.
  • Playlist-Promotion.com boasts a robust network of over 3000 playlists, offering 100% organic promotion across various genres.


1.Sound On Heat

Sound On Heat is a leading music promotion company in US provides 100% organic Spotify playlist promotion which target USA fanbase. The company has established in 2019 since then they managed over 7000+ artists in different countries. Their playlist promotion is genre targeted which helps to discover true fans of your music.

Pros of Sound On Heat

  • Extreme US genre targeted promotion
  • Providing report along with the playlists links that artists are getting listed
  • Affordable entry-level package starting at $69

Cons of Sound On Heat

  • Have only packages up to 280$

USA Spotify promotion companies

2. Omari MC

Omari MC is a name you might recognize if you’ve ever searched for USA Spotify promotion or music promotion services online. This company is one of the pioneers in the playlist promotion space and has a solid reputation for delivering results. They have run numerous campaigns and have a deep understanding of what works in the industry.

Pros of Omari MC

  • One of the OGs in this space, with extensive experience.
  • Known for coining the term organic streams, ensuring playlists are healthy and not built with bots.
  • Affordable entry-level package starting at $77.

Cons of Omari MC

  • Does not promote explicit content, which may not suit all artists.

Their reputation is so solid that they’ve promoted for top record labels such as Spinnin Records, Warner Music, and Slip N Slide Records, as well as for individual artists. Omari prides itself on being efficient and professional, with campaigns that cater to all budgets.

3. YouGrow Promo

If you’re on the hunt for an USA Spotify promotion service that can genuinely boost your listener count, YouGrow Promo might be just what you need. They focus on delivering 100% organic growth for both your Spotify and YouTube channels, ensuring that your audience is real and engaged.

What makes YouGrow Promo stand out is their zero-risk guarantee. If you’re not happy with the results, they offer a refund, making it a safe bet for artists at any stage of their career.

YouGrow Promo offers a variety of pricing options to fit different budgets, ranging from $77 to $1000. Communication is key with any service, and YouGrow Promo excels here. They provide multiple ways to get in touch, so you’re always in the loop and in control.

  • Affordable cost-per-stream
  • Healthy and engaged playlist network
  • Guaranteed streams (though specific placements aren’t guaranteed)

If you’re new to playlisting, YouGrow Promo is a solid choice. Their playlists are effective, and you don’t need to break the bank to see results. Give them a try and watch your audience grow.

One notable aspect is their responsiveness to feedback. They reply to negative reviews in less than two weeks, showing their commitment to customer satisfaction.

4. SoundCampaign

One of the reputable companies you might consider is SoundCampaign, which offers a straightforward acquisition process and helps you get your music noticed.

With SoundCampaign, you just need to upload your song and choose the genres for your campaign. Their automated tool does the rest, notifying you about any updates on your track. This hassle-free approach ensures that your campaign runs smoothly and effectively, making every penny you spend worth it.

When you’re knee-deep in the sea of music promotion services, one name stands out like a shining beacon: SoundCampaign. Why? Because it’s not just about throwing your track into the digital abyss and hoping someone listens. SoundCampaign takes a meticulous, almost artisanal approach to getting your music the ears it deserves.

The brief on my campaign with SoundCampaign: I spent $188 on SoundCampaign to target an estimated 21 curators. That yielded two playlist placements that drove 188 streams for a Cost Per Stream of $0.82 (which was the highest Cost Per Stream out of all of the companies I tried).

Here’s what it looked like in Spotify for Artists.

The results were mediocre, but I think this company has potential because their model is strong. You can see my full review of the SoundCampaign experience here.

Pros of SoundCampaign

  • Their playlists appear to be legit – healthy and built with real listeners.
  • There’s the potential to hit a homerun with this playlisting model.
  • I like that you can respond to curator feedback on this platform. It’s a nice step toward more meaningful relationships.

Cons of SoundCampaign

  • Playlist placement has no guarantee

5. Artist Push

Artist Push is a service that promises to get your music heard on Spotify by real and active profiles. They claim to help artists grow their profiles on the streaming platform by ensuring that their music is played across different devices and at different times, without any suspicious activity. However, it’s important to proceed with caution. There have been multiple comments suggesting that they have failed to deliver on campaigns. It’s advisable to get in touch with someone from the company before making any payments.

Balancing DJing and blogging is tough, but Artist Push made it seamless. Their blog submission service got my music the attention it needed.

If you decide to use Artist Push, make sure to do your research and perhaps start with a smaller campaign to test their services.

6. Playlist-Promotion.com

Looking to get your music heard on Spotify? Playlist-Promotion.com might be the solution you need. This USA Spotify Promotion service has a proven track record of increasing visibility and reach for musicians by securing playlist placements for their tracks.

With a vast network of over 3,000 playlists spanning all genres, including new and niche ones, they have at least 1,000 followers on each playlist. In fact, their largest playlist boasts a whopping 1.2 million subscribers.

At Playlist-Promotion.com, the goal is not just to get your song on a playlist but to get your music heard by the right audience. Their Spotify playlist promotion service is tailored to meet the unique needs of each artist, offering guaranteed placements to get your music the exposure it deserves. They believe in providing a 100% transparent service, including a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Since 2015, Playlist-Promotion.com has specialized in Spotify Playlist Promotions, presenting your music to over 1,000 playlist curators for Spotify playlist placement.

Whether you’re into pop, rock, country, or any niche genre, they’ve got you covered. With over 3,000 playlists and new genres growing daily, they provide 100% organic Spotify promotion for the growth of your music.


7. One Submit

One Submit is a music promotion service that was launched in 2022 by Oren Sharon, a songwriter and producer who struggled to find a reliable way to promote his own music. Frustrated by the lack of effective options, he decided to create a platform that would make it easy and efficient for artists to get their music out there.

One Submit offers a streamlined process for artists to submit their tracks to various playlist curators, blogs, and music industry professionals. This service is designed to help artists increase their visibility and plays on platforms like Spotify.

  • Easy submission process
  • Access to a wide range of curators and industry professionals
  • Focus on organic promotion and engaging influencers

If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to promote your music and grow your Spotify listeners, One Submit is definitely worth considering.

If you’re still on the hunt for the best USA Spotify promotion companies in the USA, there are a few more worth mentioning. These companies have proven their worth in the industry and can help you get those much-needed streams.

Partnered Projects

Partnered Projects is known for its tailored approach to music promotion. They work closely with artists to ensure their music reaches the right audience.

Indie Music Academy

Indie Music Academy offers a range of services, from playlist placements to social media promotion. They are a great option for independent artists looking to boost their presence.

Moonstrive Media

Moonstrive Media focuses on organic growth and engagement. They use a variety of strategies to help artists gain real, engaged listeners.

Daimoon Media

Daimoon Media is another excellent choice for artists. They offer comprehensive promotion packages that cover everything from playlist placements to social media marketing.


SubmitHub is a popular platform where artists can submit their music to bloggers, playlist curators, and influencers. It’s a great way to get your music heard by a wider audience.

SubmitLink offers a straightforward way to get your music on various playlists. They have a large network of curators who can help you gain more exposure.


Groover connects artists with music industry professionals who can provide valuable feedback and promotion. It’s a fantastic platform for those looking to improve their music and reach a larger audience.

Remember, the key to successful music promotion is consistency and choosing the right partners. Don’t be afraid to try different services to see which one works best for you.

Discover a world of opportunities with our comprehensive services, from music promotion to graphic design and video editing. Whether you’re an artist looking to boost your Spotify streams or need professional press releases, we’ve got you covered. Visit our website to explore all our offerings and take your music career to the next level.


Navigating the world of Spotify promotion can be a bit overwhelming with so many options out there. But, with the right information and a clear understanding of your needs, you can find the perfect service to boost your music career. Whether you’re looking for organic growth, targeted campaigns, or just a little extra push, there’s a promotion company out there for you. Remember to do your research, read reviews, and choose a service that aligns with your goals and budget. Happy promoting!


What is Spotify promotion?

Spotify promotion involves using various strategies and services to increase the visibility and play count of music tracks on Spotify. This can include playlist placements, social media marketing, and other promotional activities.

Are Spotify promotion services legal?

Yes, legitimate Spotify promotion services operate within the legal frameworks set by Spotify. They use ethical methods to promote music, such as organic playlist placements and social media campaigns.

How do I choose the best Spotify promotion service?

When choosing a Spotify promotion service, consider factors such as user reviews, targeting options, submission control, artist protection programs, and pricing. Research thoroughly to ensure the service has a good track record and positive client testimonials.

How much does Spotify promotion cost?

The cost of Spotify promotion can vary widely depending on the service and the type of campaign. Prices can range from as low as $67 to $697 or more for comprehensive packages. Always check the pricing details of each service before committing.

Can Spotify promotion guarantee success?

No promotion service can guarantee success, as it depends on various factors including the quality of the music, market trends, and audience engagement. However, reputable services can significantly increase your chances of getting noticed.

Is organic Spotify promotion better than paid promotion?

Organic Spotify promotion focuses on natural growth through genuine playlist placements and listener engagement, while paid promotion might involve ads and other paid strategies. Organic promotion is generally considered more sustainable and effective in the long run.

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