Make money on SoundCloud is easy! Let’s start the story! So you’ve poured your heart and soul into creating incredible music, and now you want to share it with the world (and maybe even make some money doing it). SoundCloud is a fantastic platform for musicians to connect with fans and build a following. But did you know you can also use SoundCloud to monetize your music?

This guide will explore all the different ways you can make money on SoundCloud, from leveraging the built-in monetization program to exploring creative strategies to boost your income.

1st Step to Make Money on Soundcloud – Monetization Through SoundCloud Premier

SoundCloud Premier is a program that allows eligible creators to earn money from their streams. Here’s how it works:

  • Eligibility Requirements:

    • Be a SoundCloud Pro account holder (paid subscription plan)
    • At least 18 years old
    • Own all rights to your music (including publishing, master, and distribution)
    • No copyright strikes on your account
    • At least 500 eligible streams in the past month (paid streams from certain countries)
  • Once qualified, you can:

    • Choose specific tracks to monetize
    • Set your username and description details for each territory where you want monetization enabled

Important Note: SoundCloud Premier is currently only available in select territories. Check SoundCloud’s website for the latest information on eligibility.

Musician optimizing SoundCloud profile for monetization

Beyond SoundCloud Premier: Additional Revenue Streams

Even if you don’t qualify for SoundCloud Premier, there are several other ways to generate income through your SoundCloud account and make money on soundcloud:

  • Sell Your Music Directly:
    • Platforms like Sellfy allow you to add buy links directly to your SoundCloud profile. This gives fans the option to purchase your music in formats like MP3 or WAV.
  • Fan-Powered Royalties:
    • Some music distribution services offer “fan-powered royalties” programs. These programs allow fans to directly tip you for your music.
  • Sync Licensing:
    • Do you create music that could be a perfect fit for commercials, movies, or video games? Look into sync licensing services to connect with potential clients.
  • Merchandise Sales:
    • Promote your merch (t-shirts, hats, etc.) on your SoundCloud profile and social media channels.
  • Gigs and Tours:
    • Use SoundCloud to build a fanbase and attract potential gig opportunities.

    Musician using data analytics to understand their audience

    Pro Tips for Maximizing Your Earnings on SoundCloud

    • High-Quality Music is Key: It all starts with creating music that people love. Invest in quality recording and production to make your tracks stand out.
    • Build a Strong Fanbase: Engage with your fans on SoundCloud, other social media platforms, and at live shows. The more people who know your music, the better your chances of making money.
    • Promote Your Music: Don’t just upload your music and hope for the best. Actively promote your tracks on social media, music blogs, and online communities. Using Legit Soundcloud promotion service could do you a better job.
    • Collaborate with Other Artists: Teaming up with other musicians can help you reach new audiences and expand your fanbase.
    • Be Patient and Persistent: Building a successful music career takes time and effort. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results overnight. Keep creating great music, promoting yourself, and connecting with fans.
    • Optimize Your SoundCloud Profile: Provide a short checklist of things to ensure your SoundCloud profile is optimized for both discovery and monetization. This could include:
      • High-quality artist images
      • Compelling biography
      • Links to social media and website
    • Leveraging SoundCloud Go+: Fans subscribing to SoundCloud Go+ could benefit artists even if they are not in the Premier program.
    • The Power of Playlists: Getting on playlists helps to grow your audience and potentially increase eligible streams for SoundCloud Premier. 


    Making money on SoundCloud takes dedication and a multi-pronged approach. By leveraging the platform’s monetization features, exploring creative revenue streams, and consistently creating high-quality music, you can turn your passion for music into a profitable career.

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