SoundCloud is loved by musicians, podcasters, and content creators for sharing new audio. But, is upgrading to SoundCloud Next Pro worth it? We’re here to show you if the premium features of Next Pro, like a premium badge and exclusive offers, offer real value. You should know if these perks are worth the price for SoundCloud artists.

Key Takeaways

  • SoundCloud Next Pro offers enhanced features for a better experience.
  • Next Pro subscription includes unlimited uploads and advanced analytics.
  • Exclusive offers and a premium profile badge are part of the Pro plan.
  • Monetization options and fan-powered royalties are available.
  • Understanding the full value can help determine if Pro is worth the subscription.

What is SoundCloud Next Pro?

SoundCloud Next Pro is SoundCloud’s top-tier service. Artists, podcasters, and creators get powerful tools. These tools enrich their experience on SoundCloud. Subscribers get exclusive benefits that help them improve their reach and engagement.

Understanding SoundCloud’s Platform

SoundCloud is a top platform for creators to connect with their fans. It’s packed with features for artists to share their music, gain followers, and talk to their listeners. With support for all kinds of content like music tracks and podcasts, it’s an ideal space. The SoundCloud Pro subscription has raised the bar by offering different tiers with special features.

is soundcloud next pro worth it

Next Pro Features and Benefits

The SoundCloud Next Pro subscription lifts the creative experience. It includes key tools for artists serious about their craft. A key perk of the Next Pro plan is being able to upload as many tracks as you want. This means creators never have to worry about running out of space for their content.

The Next Pro subscription supports making money from your songs. It’s perfect for those wanting to make a living from what they love. Plus, it offers detailed analytics. These help to understand your audience better and improve your content’s reach and impact.

Here’s a look at what SoundCloud Next Pro has more than the basic plan:

Feature Basic Plan Next Pro Plan
Uploads Limited Unlimited
Monetization No Yes
Analytics Basic Advanced

Next Pro’s features and benefits are perfect for those serious about SoundCloud. Its unlimited content upload and monetization are great. They are designed to fully support artists in all their creative endeavors.

monetize on SoundCloud

SoundCloud Next Pro Features You Need to Know About

SoundCloud Next Pro is packed with features great for all artists, new or well-known. It helps them share their music better and learn who listens closely. We will cover two key features: unlimited uploads and detailed analytics.

Unlimited Uploads

With SoundCloud Next Pro, artists get to upload as much as they want. This beats the free plan, which comes with upload limits. Now, artists can post new songs, covers, or podcasts whenever they like, without any upload cap problems.

This freedom to upload unlimited tracks keeps artists active and interesting on SoundCloud. It’s fantastic for those who upload new tracks often and want to show their growth instantly.

Advanced Analytics and Insights

Advanced fan insights custom listening report from the Next Pro plan are key to knowing your audience. These analytics look at what fans listen to the most. It lets artists see which songs are really connecting with their listeners.

Understanding fan behavior helps artists improve their game. They can choose what to release next based on what fans like most. These insights include how many plays each song gets, comments, and even where in the world fans are listening from.

How to Get Started with SoundCloud Next Pro Subscription

Starting with a SoundCloud Next Pro subscription is easy and great for those who create music. We’ll cover how to start this subscription, its different plans, and how much it costs.

Signing Up for a 30-Day Free Trial

The first step is to get SoundCloud’s 30-day free trial. This lets you try all the premium stuff for a month, without paying. First, go to SoundCloud’s website and find the subscription part. Then, pick the Next Pro plan, and either make a new account or log in. As soon as you’re in, you get all the premium benefits.

This free trial lets you test out what the pro subscription offers. You’ll have unlimited uploads and can see advanced stats. It’s a chance to try different things and improve your music or podcasts.

Subscription Plans and Pricing

When the free trial is over, you can choose a subscription plan that fits you. SoundCloud has a Next Pro plan for $9.99 per month. It gives serious creators the tools and benefits they need. Here’s what you get with each plan:

Plan Price Key Features
Free Plan $0 Limited uploads, basic statistics
Next Plus $2.5 per month Extended upload limits, enhanced statistics
Next Pro $12 per month Unlimited uploads, advanced insights, next pro unlocks features


Choosing the right pro subscription helps you use SoundCloud fully to get better. The tools and analytics in the Next Pro plan can boost your success on SoundCloud.

Starting a SoundCloud Next Pro subscription and knowing the plan and price details helps creators. Begin with the 30-day free trial, see what works for you, and pick a plan that matches your creative goals.

Monetize on SoundCloud: Unlocking Revenue Streams

Getting paid on SoundCloud has gotten better thanks to SoundCloud Next Pro. This platform lets artists make money in new ways, helping them build a strong future in music.

Fan-Powered Royalties

SoundCloud’s Next Pro has a unique system called fan-powered royalties. It pays artists based on how much fans listen. So, the more fans tune in, the more artists make. This setup pushes artists to grow their fanbase for bigger earnings.

Release Distribution and Monetization Strategies

Distributing music well is key to reaching more fans and making more money. With SoundCloud Next Pro’s music distribution service, artists can send their songs to top platforms. This lets them use smart strategies to attract and keep fans.

Knowing how to make money in different ways is also important. SoundCloud gives artists the tools and tips they need. This helps them make the most of the various ways to earn through their music.

Pros and Cons of SoundCloud Next Pro

Knowing what you get with SoundCloud Next Pro is key for musicians looking to boost their career. We’ll look at the features and benefits, as well as the downsides. This way, you’ll have a full picture for a better experience.

The standout perk of SoundCloud Next Pro is you can upload as much as you want. For artists who create a lot, this is a game-changer. It helps them find their audience and grow.

  • Pros:
  • Unlimited uploads for greater flexibility.
  • Advanced analytics for better fan insights.
  • Priority support and a premium account badge for enhanced visibility.
  • Monetization options including fan-powered royalties.

But, like all things, SoundCloud Next Pro has its downsides. Let’s check those out. Some might find its benefits not worth the price or not easy to use.

  • Cons:
  • Subscription cost may be high for amateur artists.
  • Not all users may fully utilize advanced features.
  • Potentially steep learning curve for beginners.

Deciding on SoundCloud Next Pro is personal. Think about what you need and what it offers. This way, you can see if it’s worth it for meeting your goals.

Is SoundCloud Next Pro Really Worth It?

Is the SoundCloud Next Pro subscription good for artists? To find out, let’s look at what it offers. This subscription has many features to help artists connect more with fans. So, it’s a top choice for those thinking, is SoundCloud Next Pro worth it?

This plan lets you upload as much music as you want. This is great for artists who have a lot of songs to share. You also get to see how fans listen and interact with your music. This helps you make better music and see how you’re doing.

is SoundCloud Next Pro worth it


Plus, you can earn money from your music with the Next Pro plan. This is very attractive for those wanting to make a living from their music.

So, let’s compare some key points:

Feature SoundCloud Free SoundCloud Next Pro
Upload Limit 180 Minutes Unlimited
Analytics Basic Advanced
Monetization Unavailable Available
Fan Insights Limited Comprehensive
Revenue Streams None Multiple

SoundCloud Next Pro vs Free Plan: Which is Better?

If you’re a budding artist, you might wonder whether the SoundCloud Next Pro or the free plan suits you best. A clear feature comparison can help you see which plan meets your needs. It’s important to know the advantages of each.

Feature Comparison

There’s a big difference between SoundCloud Next Pro and the free plan. Let’s look at the main differences:

Feature Free Plan SoundCloud Next Pro
Upload Limit 3 Hours Unlimited
Monetization No Yes
Advanced Analytics Basic Comprehensive
Profile Customization Limited Enhanced
Promotional Tools No Yes

Benefits for Emerging Artists

Moving up to SoundCloud Next Pro can change everything for budding artists. With the ability to upload anything, anytime, they can really show their talents. This is much better than the free plan.

Being able to make money from their music is a huge plus. Next Pro lets them do this, which can really help their careers. It’s a key benefit over the free plan.

Plus, having detailed analytics means they understand their fans better. This helps them plan smarter, aiming for bigger and better success. It’s a huge advantage for those starting out in music.

How SoundCloud Next Pro Helps Artists Grow Their Fanbase

SoundCloud Next Pro has tools that are perfect for growing fanbases.it is like organic soundcloud promotion. It brings special features and top-notch analytics. This way, artists can find more listeners and make them love their music better.

Using Advanced Fan Insights

Advanced fan insights are a key perk for artists on SoundCloud. These detailed analytics show what fans like and when they listen. By using this data, artists can post music that fans enjoy the most, making their fans happier.

Utilizing Promotion Tools

SoundCloud Next Pro gives artists ways to promote themselves wisely. It includes tools for scheduled releases and featuring tracks. With these and detailed analytics, artists can smartly grow their fanbase.

Feature Benefit
Advanced Fan Insights Customized content that aligns with listener preferences
Promotion Tools Enhanced visibility through scheduled releases and featured tracks

Maximizing Your SoundCloud Next Pro Subscription

SoundCloud Next Pro offers many features to help your music career grow. To make the most of it, you should learn how to distribute your music well. Also, using data to make decisions is key.


Strategies for Effective Music Distribution

Planning how to distribute your music is important for getting more listeners. First, use SoundCloud’s service to share your tracks on different platforms. This will help you reach more people and earn money from different sources.

  • Release Strategy: Launch your music when more people are likely to listen, for better visibility.
  • Collaborations: Working with other artists can introduce your music to new fans.
  • Promotional Campaigns: SoundCloud’s tools can help you promote your tracks to find more listeners.

Leveraging Data-Driven Decisions

SoundCloud Next Pro provides detailed analytics. Using this data can greatly improve your strategies. It’s vital to understand what your audience likes and adjust your plan to meet their interests. Here’s a basic guide on using data for better decisions:

  1. Learn About Your Listeners: Know when and where your music is most popular to plan better.
  2. Check Track Engagement: Find out which songs draw more listeners and figure out what makes them special.
  3. Improve Your Ads: Use data to make ads that target the right people, making your efforts more effective.
Feature Benefit
Advanced Analytics Understanding listener habits
Promotional Tools Boosting track visibility
Music Distribution Service Wider audience reach

Hidden Fees and What You Should Watch Out For

Thinking about a SoundCloud Next Pro subscription? It’s key to know the full cost. Advanced features can boost an artist’s journey, but hidden fees might surprise you. Knowing about these extra charges lets artists decide if it’s truly a good deal.

Understanding the True Cost

There’s more than just the monthly or yearly fee to watch for. SoundCloud could charge for special promotion tools or specific ways to make money. Always read the details and ask questions to avoid unexpected fees. This knowledge helps users see the real value of the Next Pro subscription.

Budgeting Tips and Tricks

Managing your SoundCloud Next Pro subscription means using smart budgeting. Set money aside for extra costs to prevent stress. Also, start with free tools to preview the experience. This makes deciding on a full subscription easier. With clear costs and a good budget, artists can make the most of what they pay for.


In conclusion, deciding if the Next Pro subscription is right for you depends on your goals. To determine if it’s a good fit, think about the features and how they can help you grow. Watch out for  potentials to earn more and reach more fans.


Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ


What is SoundCloud Next Pro?

SoundCloud Next Pro is a premium subscription plan offered by SoundCloud which provides additional features and benefits for artists looking to grow their presence on the platform.

How do I upload music to SoundCloud?

To upload your music to SoundCloud, you need to create an account, log in, and use the uploading tools provided on the platform to share your tracks with your audience.

What are the advantages of a SoundCloud Pro subscription?

A SoundCloud Pro subscription offers benefits such as enhanced visibility, access to advanced analytics, and more opportunities to monetize your music.

Can I monetize my tracks on SoundCloud?

Yes, with features like SoundCloud for Artists and SoundCloud Next Pro Subscription, you can monetize your music by reaching a wider audience and earning royalties.

How does SoundCloud help artists grow their fan base?

Platforms like SoundCloud help artists connect with their first fans, collaborate with other musicians, and utilize distribution services like DistroKid to expand their reach.

Is it worth upgrading to SoundCloud Pro?

For artists looking to boost their exposure and access exclusive offers, a SoundCloud Pro subscription could be worth the investment.

What are the key differences between SoundCloud and other streaming platforms?

SoundCloud offers unique features like SoundCloud Repost and YouTube Content ID Spotify and Apple Music.

How can artists monetize on SoundCloud?

Artists can monetize their tracks on SoundCloud through features like Pro Plans, Master Distribution Service Splice.

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